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Mitzva Farm Profile

Mitzva Farms began in 1987 as a 20 acre horsefarm, with lots of chickens, goats, cats and dogs, and guinea hens and peacock all running about. A healthy garden, orchard of apples, peaches and pears, raspberries, currants, and a grape vineyard, made living a paradise. Yosef, Bluma, and their sons Micah and Jacob, lived a Kosher life at the farm until retirement encouraged the family to move to a LARGER FARM WITH A DAIRY HERD. It was a real change of lifestyle. Farming crops and milking cows became a full time task, but a great new adventure awaited. New to the subject of real dairy farming, the family dug in full time. City jobs were gone, and everyone had to learn to milk cows, drive tractors and skidloaders, and especially to nurse the baby calves to life at birth! Someone, who shall remain nameless, suggested making cheese with the milk. So, in 2000 we made our first farmstead cheese. We had help from a retired cheesemaker, Jack Krumwoude, Master Cheesemaker at Ferryville Cheese. Shortly afterward, his Kosher cheese, won first prize in a blind tasting in Chicago. We knew then that we had a real product for the kosher market. It hasn't been easy to go from farmstead to national markets, but with the help of Above and kind supporters, Mitzva Farms has grown into it. If the product is quality made, we feel that it will be well received, even if it is a few pennies more expensive.

IMG_0213.jpg Bluma and Yosef in the office, but they've milked cows, drove tractors, made cheese, packaged and driven the delivery trucks. This job hasn't been easy, but it has been very rewarding.